The amenity ordering system operates independently from your existing point of sale system, ensuring they are not interdependent. The ordering platform will be white-labeled, showcasing your brand's image and logo. Payments will be processed by our trusted third-party vendor, unless you choose to integrate the ordering platform with your current hotel reservation platform and payment system.

Guests have the option to pre-order an extensive selection of amenities thoughtfully curated by the hotel's culinary team. Additionally, we've established collaborations with local florists and retailers to offer your guests a diverse array of choices.

The ordering process is crafted to be user-friendly for both guests and hotel staff, featuring intuitive interfaces and clear steps. As a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional service, we also provide 24-hour live support to assist guests or colleagues who may require help while placing their orders.

The system adeptly manages last-minute orders and modifications, offering the flexibility to accommodate changes in guest preferences. While the hotel sets a cut-off time to maintain inventory availability, the Concierge or Food and Beverage Culinary teams can manually enter last-minute requests. Authorized food and beverage leaders will receive an override code for approving and advancing these orders.

Yes, the system can accommodate special requests, addressing dietary restrictions, and offering personalized amenities, all of which contribute to enhancing the guest experience.

The platform facilitates multiple payment methods, and billing is securely managed through the system using a globally recognized payment processor. Monthly, accounts are reconciled, and payments, minus In Room Amenity's administrative and processing fees, are remitted to the hotel. Additionally, hotels can choose to employ their own secure payment gateway and set up accounts payable with us.

Certainly, the system offers real-time inventory updates, guaranteeing precise availability details for both guests and staff. Items that have been sold out or are no longer accessible will not be displayed as available for purchase.

The system places a high emphasis on data security and guest privacy, utilizing industry-standard encryption and best practices. It's important to note that guest data, including payment details, are not stored within the system.

You can customize the platform's appearance to perfectly match your hotel's branding and theme. Our Graphic Designers will work together with your In-House Marketing team to create a consistent look that strengthens your brand's identity. Your site will be white-labeled, reducing any mention of our company. This approach lets guests feel like the ordering experience comes directly from your brand, while still enjoying our excellent customer service.

We provide a comprehensive range of reports that empower the hotel's executive team to make well-informed decisions. These reports include essential performance metrics such as total orders, total revenue, percentage growth, and top-selling products. They are automatically emailed to designated managers at the end of each month.

We've established a dedicated customer support team to aid both guests and hotel staff with any questions or concerns. Our commitment to availability means we're here for you and your guests 24/7, matching the high service standards your guests associate with your brand.

The system is adaptable for integration with various hotel management software and third-party platforms. To explore your specific technology requirements further, please reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to provide a tailored quote based on your needs.

Given the expectation of guest amenity orders arriving at all hours, the system is engineered to manage increased orders seamlessly, upholding service excellence. Additionally, we've assigned dedicated team members to oversee your account, ensuring the continuous and smooth operation of all systems.

The costs associated with implementing and maintaining the amenity ordering system are contingent on customization and required features. We'd be delighted to arrange a meeting to provide you with a live demo of our available features and to explore a potential partnership aimed at boosting your revenue. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We offer comprehensive training resources, including step-by-step videos, to help hotel staff smoothly transition and become familiar with the system. Additionally, a dedicated trainer is available to schedule video conference sessions with your team whenever necessary. Our commitment is to ensure your hotel team's comfort and to seamlessly integrate the system into their daily work routine.